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Smart Vending Locker With Visible Door
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Smart Vending Locker With Visible Door


· Applicable for various kinds of commodity with large weight, big size and irregular package;

·"Host locker and Locker bank” Modularization Design, 1 host locker could be matched 8 locker banks at max;

· Less land occupation, Flexible combination, Multi-Scenario;

· Well-rounded design of Ground & Wall fixation to keep lockers stable and deep-set;

· Comprehensive Protection: Electricity Leakage preventive protection and lightning surge protection;

· Stable operation in various conditions;

· Android Main Board has passed through large-scale verification (100,000 sets in use);

· High Strength box door Design. Open at the angle of 90 degrees with 10 kilograms hanged for 24 hours, it still could operate normally.

 Item Specification
AppearanceApplication Environment In-Door
Cascading Configuration1 Host Locker with 8 Bank Lockers at Max
Electrical ModuleTouch/display Screen21.5”
Main ControlAndroid
 Box   Lock Electric Motor Locker
 Box   LightingLED
Barcode Scanner1D/2D
Communication ModuleLand LINE, 4g Router (Optional)
Environment AdaptabilityOperation VoltageAC 220V±10% 50Hz
 Operation Temperature 0℃~+60℃
Relative Humidity10%~95%RH   (Non-Condensing)
ParameterPower ConsumptionHost Locker: About 78W
Bank Locker: About 40W
WeightHost Locker: About 60kg
Bank Locker: About 100kg

As a last-mile solution provider, the company focuses on smart locker especially parcel locker has gain a great reputation within the industry. 


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