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SNBC Click and Collect Solution for Retailer

Faster, Easier, Contactless solution with BOPIS locker
BOPIS (Buy online and Pick up In-Store) is the choice of nearly 60% shoppers. BOPIS locker can enhance the customer experience and satisfaction
  Increase delivery efficiency and increase customer loyalty 
  Increase E-commerce sales by easier and faster online order fulfilment
  Generate revenue with more in-store traffic and purchases 

SNBC Vending Solution to Build Brand into Everyday Life

Mini-Store to sell daily goods even before consumers could know themselves
  Last 100 meter solution to open a complete new channel to build the brand
  Data collection to know everything Consumers need and will need
  First hand and real time feedbacks to prompt and improve products
  Increase sales when consumer can place order any time anywhere and pick up near home.  

SNBC Software Platform and API Available


SNBC Operation and Maintenance Platform

  Device & software management
  Monitoring Management
  Warning Management
  Remote control and upgrade
As a last-mile solution provider, the company focuses on smart locker especially parcel locker has gain a great reputation within the industry. 


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