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04 - 27
How To Start A Vending Machine Business In 6 Steps
When people think of vending machines it is usually the basic snack and drink vending machines. Smart vending machines are controlled by a computer and backed by a cloud-based management system. Vending machines have evolved into a new class of automated retail kiosks with the use of modern technolo
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09 - 17
Retail automation is the future
Retailers dealing with out-of-stock issues is nothing new — the industry has been trying to solve this problem for years. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated this significantly. Newly exposed out-of-stocks caused by the pandemic, due to surge buying emptying aisles and more consumers turn
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As a last-mile solution provider, the company focuses on smart locker especially parcel locker has gain a great reputation within the industry. 


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