The Life is Smarter with You
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The Life is Smarter with You

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With the changes of the times, 

many smart terminals have appeared in different industries, 

which facilitate our lives and make our work more efficient.

In recent years, 

SNBC, a provider of smart equipment/terminal solutions, 

has also introduced some smart terminals.

A brief summary is the following 6 keywords:

The Life is Smarter with You

 Keywords: Warm

Smart Food Locker

Smart Food Locker

Compartment insulation ② Compartment disinfection 

③ Easy to clean ④ Remote door opening

Work overtime until late night, 

perhaps only hot noodle soup and hot tea 

can warm the stomachs of the workaholics.

Even though we don’t pick up the food in time, 

we don’t have to worry about eating cold food anymore 

with a smart food locker.

The Life is Smarter with You

 Keywords: Wisdom

SNBC Smart Station

SNBC Smart Station

Convenient shopping ②Disaster preparedness platform 

③E-government query ④Public campaign

Self-service shopping is slowly approaching our lives, 

what new tricks can we play?

SNBC Smart Station shares government data to provide citizens 

with free fire-fighting facilities, emergency rescue supplies, etc., 

and can effectively reduce personnel contact

The Life is Smarter with You

Keywords: Delivery

Cold Chain Locker

Cold Chain Locker

7X24 hours self-service pick-up ② Order online, pick up here 

③ High efficiency and energy saving ④ Optional disinfection module

The pace of life is gradually accelerating, 

every minute after work has to make it double. 

No time and mood to buy ingredients from the supermarket?

Try placing an online order + picking up at the locker

Even though you signed a large order of more than 100 million dollars a second ago, 

or you were on a business trip last minute, 

as long as you place your order online in advance, 

you can pick up your favorite products from the locker while you go home.

Moreover, the cold chain locker has its own cold chain insulation effect, 

so there is no need to worry about the deterioration of the refrigerated ingredients.

 The Life is Smarter with You

Keywords: High efficiency

Multifunctional large cash deposit machine

Multifunctional large cash deposit machine

Integrated cash/non-cash services ②High-speed processing of banknotes/receipts 

③Lobby/through-wall applications

In the past, 

we always have to queue up for half an hour to open an account in bank. 

Now we find that everyone stand in front of the smart terminal to do banking business, 

which is fast and efficient.

The Life is Smarter with You

 Keywords: Peace of mind

Smart parcel locker

Smart parcel locker

Long service life ②Self-developed operation and maintenance platform 

③Remote management and online upgrade ④Thousand-person after-sales service team

Smart parcel locker have long been integrated into our lives. 

Mature contactless parcel delivery services, 

that is, send and go, and receive and go. 

Smart parcel management experts around you

Smart Terminal

Make the unknown a reality

Let the future happen earlier

The era of smart life is coming, 

SNBC smart terminal will always be with you!

As a last-mile solution provider, the company focuses on smart locker especially parcel locker has gain a great reputation within the industry. 


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