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SNBC Smart Vending Machine Solutions

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SNBC Smart Vending Machine Solutions

SNBC offers Vending Solutions using the most innovative vending services available on the market today. We have an expansive suite of asset management systems to manage your inventory and point-of-use vending needs. Let us help you control costs and manage consumable inventory.  Our inventory tracking software monitors item usage, and inventory levels so you always have on hand exactly what you need, when you need it.

Items that require regular inspection and maintenance can be particularly challenging. This is why we provide 24/7/365 certified technical expertise to help you stay compliant and have access to working equipment, and supplies you need on-demand.

Our support team is available on your schedule to implement and support your inventory program throughout the life of its use. From basic barcode tracking to industry-leading vending programs.  SNBC is sure to make an immediate impact on your inventory and supply chain challenges.

SNBC's industrial vending machine technology provides customers with safe and easy access to PPE, tools, equipment, and more through seamless automation and tracking. Our vending program has multiple features and benefits including access to the largest selection of industrial vending solutions on the market and automated and on-demand reporting. Let us manage your safety inventory, so you can focus on what matters most to your business.

1. Largest selection of industrial vending solutions on the market
2. Simple tracking systems for issues/returns
3. PPE & Consumable vending
4. Automated and on-demand reporting
5. On-demand access to tools and supplies
6. Maintained and calibrated life-safety equipment: radios, gas detection, fall harness, respirators, hearing protection, and more…
7. Wireless capabilities for remote locations and direct-internet
8. Vendor Managed Inventory  programs
9. 24/7/365 technical support and on-site maintenance services

Since 2017, SNBC began to enter retail automation industry. With more than 5 years of development, the company has developed three major product lines including smart combo vending machines, smart beverage vending machines, and smart vending lockers. The supported payment methods include face recognition, QR code reading, cash payment, credit card payment and NFC etc.. With strong R&D capability, excellent quality and automated mass production capacity, SNBC has become the designated supplier of the world's top 500 and is one of the largest suppliers in the retail automation industry.

As a last-mile solution provider, the company focuses on smart locker especially parcel locker has gain a great reputation within the industry. 


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