Demand For Smart Food Lockers Is Still Growing
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Demand For Smart Food Lockers Is Still Growing

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Demand For Smart Food Lockers Is Still Growing

Growing demand for off-site dining and contactless pickup. In fact, a recent report shows that, on average, a whopping 67% of restaurant revenue now comes online. So next SNBC will introduce you more about smart food lockers.


It's no surprise that operators have tried many ways to safely, reliably and profitably deliver these orders to the right customers. Now that labor shortages and rising wages have compounded the challenge, it's often difficult to provide customers with the fast, touchless experience they want.

Today's state-of-the-art food storage cabinets address these challenges head-on. They replace manual (often clumsy) order handover processes and cluttered order pickup shelves with streamlined, efficient order handovers through secure, smart lockers. Not only does this reduce employee labor, but it also increases throughput and transaction volume during peak hours.

State-of-the-art locker solutions can also capture new data from multiple employee and customer touchpoints, providing new operational insights into a brand’s product portfolio and insights into the final step of a customer’s digital journey.

Improve the labor efficiency of order handover
As food locker technology continues to improve, they are reducing the labor required to manage a surge in orders from off-site and third-party delivery services. They don't need dedicated staff to manage orders and ensure they find the right customers or delivery drivers. Once an order is placed in the locker, it is safe until retrieved by scanning or entering a unique QR code. This also eliminates unnecessary processing by other customers or drivers.

Some food lockers are even designed for efficiency, with a double-sided workflow that allows employees to quickly load orders in the open back of the compartment without having to enter the customer area. Customers can then pick up their items at the front without having to search shelves for bags or wait for an employee to help them.

Most leading foodservice brands are also looking for lockers that can easily integrate with their existing point-of-sale and other back-office technology systems. This provides a simpler workflow for employees and a seamless digital experience for customers and delivery drivers.

Smarter technology provides fast, contactless loading and pickup
The pandemic has made many customers wary of waiting in restaurant lobbies for their orders to be ready.


Food lockers that offer advanced software can provide more precisely timed order-ready notifications, so customers know they can zip up, grab their order, and leave quickly. Some food lockers even feature customizable compartment lights to guide customers to order correctly, saving even more time. This can reduce order pickup time to 10 seconds or less. These features are even more important for delivery drivers, who are trying to squeeze as many delivery orders into their shifts as possible.

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