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SNBC Art Toy vending machine BVM-RI200


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Product Description

Main technical specification


BVMRI-200 (Non-Refrigerated)


Indoor application


1300(W)*1800(H)*888(D) mm—excluding wheel or foot leveling

Cold rolled steel with powder coating


21.5 inch touch screen

Driving force


XY system

Pick-up Bucket

10 inch


5pcs (one for X-axis, one for Y-axis, two for buckets, one for gate)

Light bar

2pcs (left and right)

Communication module

4G, Wifi &Lan


Android or Windows




Tempered transparent glass door

610mm (W) x1610 (H) mm


Standard with foot leveling bolt, and caster wheel as optional

Pick-up time

16s average

Available size for commodity

1. Max. Size: 220mm * 245mm * 130mm (W*H*D)

Note: It does not support the limit size at the same time.

For specific limit, please refer to size requirements of beverage commodities and boxed commodities.

2. Min. Size: 40mm*40mm*40mm(W*H*D)

Note: Commodities of less than the minimum size shall be sold with additional holder/supporter (e.g., cigarettes and other commodities).

3. Beverage or cylindrical commodity:

1. Diameter of 50~60mm, maximum height is 200mm.

2. Diameter of 61~70mm, maximum height is 245mm.

2 .Diameter of 70mm~80mm, maximum height is 235mm.

3 .Diameter of 80mm~130mm, maximum height is 150mm.

Boxed commodity:

1.Thickness ≤70mm, Maximum size:220*235*70 (W*H*T)

2.Thickness of 70mm~90mm,Maximum size: 220*200*90(W*H*T)

3.Thickness of 90mm~110mm, Maximum support: 220*150*110 (W*H*T)

4. Box body diagonal dimension<245mm

5. When the thickness is < 60mm, the ratio of height to thickness shall be <4, otherwise, it shall be sold with the longest side as the bottom. The smaller the recommended height/thickness ratio, the better.

Available weight for commodity

Single commodity weight ≤1.0kg,

Total commodities' weight of single slot ≤ 6.0kg

Maximum shelf load

The maximum weight of single shelf is 50kg


Standard with 6 shelves +60 dividers + 60 pusher

max. of 8 shelves are available depending on commodity type

max. of 12 dividers each shelf

Special Planogram

Hanging rotation mechanism for soft package (optional)


< 65 dB

Operating temperature

Standard operating temperature : 0℃ ~ +40℃

Operating humidity

5%~75%RH (No condensation)

Operating voltage

On customer demand


TBD, based on customer demand with separate cost

Optional hardware module

Router/Modem, Speaker, Facial camera, Surveillance camera, NVR& hard disk, Note and coin acceptance module, Card Reader (support MDB), Laser ranging sensor.

Extra cost to be evaluated for above.


Shipment for FCL package: Carton + Pallet

Prototype or LCL: full crated wooden package as proposal

Various shapes of products


Flexible slots adopt to your needs


The payment options can be adjusted according to actual requirement.


Cloud platform

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