Why Choose A Smart Locker?
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Why Choose A Smart Locker?

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Why Choose A Smart Locker?

Smart lockers are the modern solution to manage package, mail and asset delivery demands. They increase efficiencies and provide secure, contactless pick-up options for recipients at their convenience. Today, we are going to introduce SNBC smart locker to you.


There are a number of reasons why retailers might choose to use a smart locker system. Smart locker systems do a lot, automating a variety of functions that would typically be carried out by one or more employees. This improves store efficiency and drives down operational costs. Retailers that use smart locker systems can save in more than one part of their store operations.
An automated smart locker, unlike a typical parcel delivery locker, uses a pin number and kiosk screen for easy access to the compartment.

For example, electronic lockers significantly reduce labor costs associated with offering buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS) services. Once a store associate retrieves an order and delivers it into the locker system, they can return to other tasks around the store. In contrast, a typical BOPIS in retail process involves a staff member assisting with each step of the transaction.

Retailers can also use an electronic locker system to help save on last-mile shipping costs. Using a smart locker system to offer a buy online, pick-up in locker (BOPIL) service in addition to services like curbside pickup allows retailers to leverage the inventory at their store and the logistics network that supports it to quickly fulfill online orders. Consumers benefit from faster access to their online orders (with order fulfillment often faster than even the most expedited shipping services), while retailers reap the 90% reduction in shipping costs.

Customers who choose in-store pickup may also do so out of concern for the security of their purchase. Package theft is becoming increasingly commonplace, especially as a greater amount of our shopping is done online. Retailers are beginning to use an electronic locker system to provide a secure storage solution through which they can fulfill orders faster and allow customers enhanced security for their purchases and the ability to retrieve orders at their convenience.


The biggest advantage of implementing an electronic locker system is that they can streamline the order pickup process. Locker systems aren’t intended to replace BOPIS service or home delivery but are instead used to create an easy, efficient, and contactless pickup process. This ease and efficiency extend to both store staff and customers. Staff can quickly deliver orders into the system without having to go through the extra step of notifying the customer. In the same vein, the staff member won’t have to be involved in the final order handoff to the customer.

Simplify inbound package handling with flexible, smart parcel lockers that deliver safety, security and convenience. SNBC's intelligent, self-service lockers make package and asset delivery processes more efficient and offer numerous benefits for almost any organization.

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As a last-mile solution provider, the company focuses on smart locker especially parcel locker has gain a great reputation within the industry. 


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