2021 community business new opportunities, smart lockers.
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2021 community business new opportunities, smart lockers.

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2021 community business new opportunities, smart lockers.

The scale of the global unmanned vending smart cabinet is still small, but in recent years the average annual growth rate has exceeded 25%. Therefore, unmanned vending machines have broad prospects and will become a new opportunity for community business in 2021.

Unmanned vending smart cabinets in shopping malls

Right now is the year of transformation under the trend of community business. Starting in 2020, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the Internet home smart life has been sought after by the public. The commercial form of projects such as the fresh food self-pickup counters in the Chinese community and community grouping has developed rapidly, and the small community fresh food business of the Internet + fresh food has slowly become popular. The new business format in the community created by the "last mile" has become a new outlet.


Unmanned vending smart cabinet runs 24 hours a day

For young people who are just entering society, cooking is a big problem. Busy with homework, no time to go to the vegetable market, and not knowing what to do after shopping, this has become the norm for young people, so most young people solve their food and clothing problems by ordering takeaways. With the increase in the number of high-quality days, takeaways are becoming more and more popular due to factors such as quality and price, which also hinder takeaways from becoming a long-term form of consumption. In addition, communities that do not have geographical advantages often have a long distance from public farms and malls when the infrastructure is not perfect, and buying cheap vegetables has become a daily problem for young residents.

As a result, the demand of shopping malls has given birth to new business reforms, and community fresh self-pickup cabinets have become the first choice for people's daily life. Community fresh food pick-up counters are generally located downstairs in the community. Vegetables or other fresh foods can be bought on the way home from get off work; secondly, the community fresh food self-pickup counters are open 24 hours a day and the products are beautifully packaged. The dishes are good and fresh, which meets the needs of young people for safe and fresh food.

So, what are the factors that led to the outbreak of the unmanned vending smart cabinet industry?

First of all, the unmanned vending smart cabinet can greatly reduce labor costs and store rents, and can operate 24 hours a day, all year round. Secondly, the unmanned vending smart cabinet occupies a small area and can flexibly place the needles in various places where there is a demand but not suitable for opening a store, such as the library hall of a teaching building, the waiting room of a school, etc. Convenient to the station, the front lobby of the business building, etc. In the end, all unmanned vending smart cabinets realize intelligent networking, and you can quickly and easily obtain goods by swiping your face to pay. Moreover, the unmanned vending smart cabinets can be run in batches, and the back-end system can monitor the operating data of each machine in real time, replenish goods in time, and grasp the needs and intentions of the mall in time.

Entering 2021, post-00s and post-90s will become the main force of the Internet. Post-00s are called "Internet natives." They have been exposed to the Internet since they were young. Don't turn on the phone. Data surveys show that young people today, especially those born in the 90s and 00s, prefer to live alone and rarely go to grocery stores to buy food or products. The emergence of smart cabinets for unmanned vending machines exactly meets the needs of the younger generation. In the future, the market share of unmanned smart cabinets will increase.

It is believed that in 2021, unmanned vending smart cabinets will gradually enter the public eye, and more and more businesses choose unmanned vending smart cabinets as their new investment direction.

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