Application of SNBC Smart Vending Machines
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Application of SNBC Smart Vending Machines

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Application of SNBC Smart Vending Machines

In 2017, SNBC began to enter the retail automation industry. With more than 5 years of development, the company has developed three major product lines including smart combo vending machines, smart beverage vending machines, and smart vending lockers. The supported payment methods include face recognition, QR code reading, cash payment, credit card payment and NFC, etc.

SNBC smart vending machines have a wide range of uses:

Corporate Vending

On average 20-50% of the staff of large employers across the country are working at the office, the remainder at home. Those employers are suddenly finding their in-office staff no longer has access to convenient food or drink options. This is because most cafeterias and food courts are shut down due to the pandemic or because the food-service operators can’t justify the cost with a fraction of the normal employees working there. Large companies that may have been completely uninterested in vending in the years past are now scrambling for convenient, healthy food options and vendors are getting flooded with calls for vending services.

High-Density Residential Vending

Between 50-80% of employees nationwide are working from home in 2022. This means that high-density residential areas like apartments and condos are suddenly lacking basic access to necessities. We’ve seen a massive increase in purchases for custom “mini-bodega” concept vending machines. Our customers are placing customized machines in and near large multi-family residential complexes with everything from food and drink options to cell phone cables and pain killers.

Smart Automated Retail without Employees

Lastly, the pandemic’s lockdown and social distancing requirements exposed the need for agile, inexpensive automated retail. A myriad of industries such as PPE, CBD products, and beauty products have embraced the idea of automated retail through smart custom vending machines.

With strong R&D capability, excellent quality and automated mass production capacity, SNBC has become the designated supplier of the world's top 500 and is one of the largest suppliers in the retail automation industry.

As a last-mile solution provider, the company focuses on smart locker especially parcel locker has gain a great reputation within the industry. 


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