Why should you choose a Smart Locker?
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Why should you choose a Smart Locker?

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Why should you choose a Smart Locker?

Smart lockers can be used for many purposes and across different industries, but ultimately their purpose is to create a safe and connected distribution center where everyone can access the equipment and tools they need, when they need it.

For example, by automating transaction recording (access and return of assets to lockers), there is no risk of human error. When equipment is reported as returned, managers will always know who accessed the locker and when. This data can then be combined with a live security feed to verify that the correct device is returned.

Reasons to use a smart locker:

Improved operation:

Intelligent feedback and communication capabilities allow businesses to build entirely new workflows in the distribution, management, and provisioning of IT equipment.

Better understand device usage

Back to the topic of RFID and device tracking - where, when and how is the device used and by whom? (You can also talk about regulatory compliance, i.e. making sure the equipment in the locker is controlled and compliant with standards).

24/7 operation

Provide a reliable and efficient way for employees to use equipment in an emergency – for example, smart lockers with battery backups that allow employees to charge equipment in the event of a power outage.

Reduce asset losses

No more human error. Receive, track, monitor and reallocate assets with complete confidence, including when and why they are withdrawn. Track usage and see exactly when they're returned.

Reduce labor costs

Automation means that time-consuming tasks associated with manual asset management are no longer required. Transactions can be done by the recipient - including logging in and out of assets for use. Monitoring will ensure the correct equipment is returned. Alerts will also keep everyone informed.

Employee/Customer Satisfaction

With instant access to the devices and peripherals they need—without waiting days or weeks for an IT response—your employees (or your customers, if you're an MSP) will be happier, more productive, and more appreciative of your IT team.


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