Your branded Smart Locker Solution powered by SNBC
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Your branded Smart Locker Solution powered by SNBC

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Your branded Smart Locker Solution powered by SNBC

Many traditional brick-and-mortar retailers are turning to delivery lockers as an option for customers to pick up their orders at local stores, where orders are placed online. SNBC smart lockers have proven they can smooth the last few steps for retailers looking to offer an alternative to waiting in long lines at service counters for pickup.

SNBC delivery lockers can be installed indoors or outdoors for 24/7 pickup, with an option for refrigerated lockers for grocery stores.

Smart lockers can reduce queues at customer service desks and increase customer satisfaction.
Notify customers by email as soon as packages are available.
Smart lockers can pick up packages over an extended period of time.
Indoor or outdoor installation.
Automate consumer returns by pre-ordering lockers and posting release codes in advance.

A smart locker system can do a lot because it can automate various functions that require multiple people to perform, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing costs. By using a smart locker system, retailers can save money in several areas of their business.


Take the Buy Online and Pick Up in Store (BOPIS) service as an example, smart lockers can reduce its labor costs. The clerk simply retrieves the order, enters it into the locker system, and is free to return to perform other tasks. Without smart lockers, traditional BOPIS services would require a staff member at each end of the transaction, increasing labor costs.

Retailers can also cut back on last-mile shipping costs. The Buy Online Locker and Pick Up (BOPIL) service with a smart locker system allows retailers to leverage their store's inventory and the logistics network that supports it. Consumers benefit by getting order fulfillment faster than most expedited shipping services, while maximizing savings on shipping costs.

Many shoppers love the value and convenience that online shopping offers, but still opt for in-store pickup when given the option. They also do this for security reasons, as package theft has become more common.

As a result, retailers are starting to use smart lockers to provide their customers with a secure portal so customers can retrieve their orders without sacrificing the benefits of faster order fulfillment. 

Send us more about your needs, and we will customize our smart lockers for you.

As a last-mile solution provider, the company focuses on smart locker especially parcel locker has gain a great reputation within the industry. 


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