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Contactless Delivery Solution - Smart Locker

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Contactless Delivery Solution - Smart Locker

We live in a new reality. Humans are inherently social, but now we are isolating ourselves to protect the vulnerable among us. This climate of uncertainty, coupled with changes in how we live, is accelerating a process that is already on the rise: Contactless delivery. People expect orders to be delivered quickly to their doorstep without physical contact. Delivery workers also want to reduce the risk of infection by limiting contact with customers and people they encounter throughout the delivery process.

In a matter of days, delivery has gone from a convenience to a necessity — especially food and medical supplies. Consumers avoid going out; according to a Technomic survey, 32% of consumers are leaving their homes less often, and the same number are eating out less often.

However, 13% of consumers are ordering food delivery more frequently - and given the increasing adoption of social distancing globally, we can expect this to skyrocket.

Contactless delivery (or no-contact delivery) refers to a movement of goods from distribution location to the end customer, without any physical contact between the different people involved. This includes the worker and end customer, but also includes store or warehouse employees, and the handoff between them.

As the demand for contactless delivery increased, a new product was born, which we call Smart Lockers. The emergence of Smart Lockers has greatly reduced the contact between consumers and businesses. While improving business efficiency, it reduces operating costs.


For consumers, the application of contactless delivery reduces the contact with delivery personnel. Delivery personnel can directly put packages, food, beverages, etc. into smart lockers, waiting for consumers to collect them, which improves the safety of consumers, and can pick up goods according to consumers' schedules. Greatly improved customer satisfaction.

The development of contactless delivery is a kind of protection for consumers and merchants. Naturally, smart lockers are also accepted and loved by more and more people.

As a world-renowned smart device manufacturer, SNBC has been committed to the research and innovation of smart devices, such as smart lockers and smart vending machines. We hope to provide consumers around the world with more convenient and safer smart devices.

As a last-mile solution provider, the company focuses on smart locker especially parcel locker has gain a great reputation within the industry. 


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