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SNBC Smart Combo Vending Machine

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SNBC Smart Combo Vending Machine

The vending industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. It all started back in 1880 in London, England where the first vending machine was invented to sell postcards. After the turn of the century, our classical round gumball vending machines were invented, and then around 1940 the first drink vending machines were created. Since that time, vending businesses have exploded and as you know, you can buy anything from cigarettes, DVDs, books, stamps, food, condoms and so much more from a vending machine.

Everyone has used a Coke or Pepsi machine to quench their thirst and you are familiar with how they work. The same is true for a snack vending machine. However, not everyone is familiar with a “Combo Vending Machine”. This is a relatively new vending machine that has quickly become a favorite machine for vending professionals.

combination food and drink vending machines for locations with a need for snacks and drinks. We have the variety to satisfy your snack and drink needs with our combination vending machines.


It is a combination of snacks and drinks- all in the same machine, thus eliminating the need for two separate machines. As you can imagine, this opens up a huge market for small and medium-sized businesses to have their favorite snacks and drinks where they couldn’t before because there wasn’t enough space, and the demand wasn’t there.

Both machines will utilize the same control panel, dollar bill changer, coin dispenser, etc, so it makes the machine cheaper overall. Studies have shown that customers are more likely to purchase both a snack and beverage in the same vend when both complimenting items are sold in the same machine. Vending Service Providers love combo machines for one the simple fact that they are compact and easy to move.

People have really come to love the combo vending machines because they are so easy to move, can fit in tight locations, and can be located in smaller businesses which are much easier to find. Further, they are simple to operate, simple to program, and many can accept credit cards, QR code as well as cash.

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