Why do smart lockers for business grow so fast?
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Why do smart lockers for business grow so fast?

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Why do smart lockers for business grow so fast?

Who would have guessed that the humble workplace storage locker would be the answer to some of today's most difficult business challenges? Well, who could have predicted that the rise of e-commerce would one day push enterprise mail centers to a breaking point? Or that the option to work remotely might become a corporate mandate.

Let's discuss in more depth three major trends propelling the need for smart lockers for business.

Smart lockers for businesses driven by e-commerce

The number-one driver motivating enterprises to adopt smart lockers for their businesses is e-commerce. The booming e-commerce industry combined with consumer incentives like free shipping drove package shipping volume up by nearly 17% in 2020. The trend shows no signs of slowing down either, with annual shipping volume expected to increase by nearly 15% through 2024.

If you're wondering how online shopping habits are impacting your corporate mail center, consider this: a recent Pitney Bowes study found that one in five respondents prefer to receive packages in the workplace versus at home. That number goes up to one in three for millennials. Those percentages climb even higher for both groups if it's a high-value order.

The result? Overwhelmed mail centers, lost and misplaced packages and disgruntled employees seeking answers. Whether you're a 500-strong corporate office or a facilities management firm, the answer to these challenges is the same: you need a safe way to manage and track packages across the workplace. Smart parcel lockers for business are a secure, modern solution that help enterprises automate package delivery processes, establish a full chain of custody and give employees a convenient, contactless package pick-up service.

The more parcels a mail center receives each day, the more lost, misplaced or stolen parcels it experiences each year.


Smart lockers for business driven by remote work

Workplace dynamics have evolved along with shopping and shipping habits. Some 90% of companies are transitioning to a 'hybrid' workforce that combines on-site and remote employees. This hybrid workforce compounds the challenge of package distribution. Parcels are delivered, but there’s a chance the recipient is not onsite to receive them. Smart lockers for business help ensure employees their items remain safe and secure until they can pick them up.

An even bigger concern introduced by remote work and solved with a secure smart locker is asset management. Distributing and managing assets has always been a challenge for employers. Remote work has only increased the pain. As hybrid work environments become the norm, so too will smart parcel lockers as a secure and logical solution for managing IT, equipment and supplies for both remote and onsite workers.

Ensuring employees feel safe, productive and valued whether working remote at home or hot-desking it in the office is critical. And it helps explain why over 61% of enterprises are planning to invest in smart locker technology to meet their business challenges.

Smart lockers for business now and after Covid-19

Enterprises around the globe were severely impacted by the pandemic and the closures and mandates that followed. The need for social distancing further complicates already challenging enterprise services like package pick-up and asset distribution—especially with so many employees working remotely.

Waiting in line at a mail center or other distribution point isn't just an inconvenience now, it can be health risk. Maintaining safe distance isn’t easy in a crowded mail center designed for volumes of mail versus packages. Enterprises are quickly waking up to this new reality, which is evident in a recent survey that revealed 53% of businesses are interested in a contactless solution that will keep employees and visitors safe.

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