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Smart Vending Machine Expert - SNBC

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Smart Vending Machine Expert - SNBC

Smart Vending Machines are the new generation of vending machines that have evolved with new and modern hardware and software technologies to be more cost-effective and efficient in vending operations while increasing potential revenue streams. Smart vending machines are not only connected vending machines, but it also provides better user experience and interactivity along with flexibility in a multitude of payment methods to the consumers.

SNBC is Vending Machine expert in Design, Manufacturing & Support. Custom-Made & Standard Models. Product Longevity & Security. Cost-Effective Designs. The machine below is our hot sale advertising display vending machine for CBD, community, and school.

SNBC smart vending machines meet EPA and NAMA regulations and use R290 as a refrigerant for low-Global Warming Potential( GWP ).

We can design different size vending machines according to your needs. To fulfill various shapes of your products, such as narrow packages, soft packages, hanging packages, art toys, and cosmetics.

Our smart vending machines are also equipped with Flexible slots that adapt to your needs. The width of the shelf can be adjusted without tools.

The payment options can be adjusted according to actual requirements. Various payment methods are available as the picture below.


Intelligent vending machines are becoming a new channel of marketing and brand engagement with the consumers at the point of purchase from the vending machines to online retail and social media. Smart vending machines are also scalable and expandable to any new possible integration and functionalities to cope with more business opportunities as the vending business grows.

SNBC smart vending machine keeps the high level of quality and reliability for products. with more than 30 years development, SNBC has the large-scale manufacturing capability from key parts and components of smart equipment/terminal to complete machine and system integration products. SNBC runs for world's leading solutions provider of intelligent equipment.

As a last-mile solution provider, the company focuses on smart locker especially parcel locker has gain a great reputation within the industry. 


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