Smart lockers add seamless pickup to off-premise dining
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Smart lockers add seamless pickup to off-premise dining

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Smart lockers add seamless pickup to off-premise dining

Over the past two years, amid the surge of off-premise dining, SNBC smart lockers saw unprecedented growth and success.

The growth of these technology-driven, off-premise-only facilities accelerated rapidly in 2020, and they are projected to account for 21% of total U.S. restaurant market share by 2025.

SNBC smart lockers’ growth follows the widespread dining restrictions of the pandemic, when consumers turned to mobile app-based ordering, pickup and delivery to satisfy their cravings for restaurant food.

Consumers now expect a more tech-focused, seamless digital experience from end-to-end when they order food for off-premises consumption. That means not only a seamless ordering experience, but also a seamless pickup experience when the customer or delivery driver arrives to collect their order.

This aspect of order fulfillment can be challenging for brands given the tight labor market, as operators are focused on maximizing the efficiency of their workforce. SNBC smart lockers in particular are designed to operate with reduced labor expenses, and they need an order fulfillment solution that maintains this lower-cost model.


That’s where smart lockers can play an important role in the future of off-premise dining. Smart pickup lockers from SNBC provide an efficient, contactless system that makes the order-handoff process easy for all parties involved. Workers simply place orders into the back of the designated locker, and customers or delivery drivers unlock the front of the locker using a code when they arrive.

SNBC’s new combines innovative locker technology with its advanced software to provide fully automated order fulfillment that’s efficient, fast and easy to use. It integrates with both front- and back-of-house technologies, to help keep dwell times short, and its ambient compartments hold both hot and cold items.

The technology maintains visibility and accountability to ensure orders are handed off quickly and accurately. Importantly, it also provides portfolio-wide data and analytics, helping operators better understand their order fulfillment metrics to optimize their kitchen operations and minimize costs.

Visit SNBC smart lockers to learn more about how smart lockers can make off-premise dining operate seamlessly from end-to-end.

As a last-mile solution provider, the company focuses on smart locker especially parcel locker has gain a great reputation within the industry. 


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