What benefits can SNBC smart vending machine bring to you?
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What benefits can SNBC smart vending machine bring to you?

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What benefits can SNBC smart vending machine bring to you?

Since 2017, SNBC has been involved in the smart retail industry, and its main products are smart combo vending machines, smart beverage vending machines, and smart vending lockers. After more than 5 years of development and innovation, SNBC has become one of the leading manufacturers of intelligent equipment and one of the designated suppliers of Fortune 500 companies. What I will introduce to you today is an important smart device from SNBC-smart vending machine.

The machine introduced this time is a machine with good sales and reputation of our company. It designed with X-Y robort arm. Ultrafast Response, it only takes you 14 seconds to get what you want in our machines. 80% of categories in convinience store are avaliable in this machine. it represents a new generation, and gives customers a better shopping experience.

So, what benefits can our machine bring to operators?


Mobile and efficient management

1. Smart Inventory Control

Operators have 24/7 access to a mobile dashboard application to retrieve data analysis of real-time transactions and sales performance, leading operators to data and manage inventory levels to optimize replenishment routes and efficiently maximize return opportunities.

2. SMART Hardware Maintenance

Immediate visibility through remote monitoring capabilities can proactively notify any potential technical issues that need to be resolved before the machine fails.

Interactive and excellent customer service

1. Smart Interaction

In the vending industry, touch screen and gesture recognition are two features that are attractive to end users as it provides them with a more engaging buying experience, thereby increasing potential revenue.

2. Smart Payment Options

Smartphones bring great convenience to consumers. It supports a variety of payment methods such as debit or credit cards, mobile wallets, QR codes or Internet payments. Customers can indirectly win product promotions, and operators can add more and more High value product to machine.

Designed to help operators reduce service costs while adding value. At the same time, an improved vending transaction experience is provided to customers.

With more than 5 years development, SNBC has the large-scale manufacturing capability from key parts and components of smart retail equipment to complete machine and system integration products. And we have gained a great reputation within the industry.

As a last-mile solution provider, the company focuses on smart locker especially parcel locker has gain a great reputation within the industry. 


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