SNBC Automatic Spiral Combo Vending Machine
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SNBC Automatic Spiral Combo Vending Machine

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SNBC Automatic Spiral Combo Vending Machine

SNBC has developed three major product lines including smart combo vending machines, smart beverage vending machines, and smart vending lockers.

Today we will introduce snbc smart vending machine-BVM-SF011. It is one of snbc's hot sale smart vending machines. And it is designed to a small size, so you can place it everywhere, Indoor and outdoor (sunshade is optional for outdoor).

What advantages does this smart vending machine have?

1, Flexible slots adopt to your needs. The height of the shelf is adjustable, and the slots can be combined to a larger vending machine, it is avaliable to sale different products.

2, Efficient utilization. It can hold 300 bottles/cans of drinks and 300-800 pieces of snacks, with small body and large capacity.

3, Good display. Large-size transparent  window, with LED fill light, the products display is intuitive and beautiful.

4,High reliability. The whole machine adopts high-precision production technology, standard infrared detection, accurate and reliable delivery.

5, The temperature of the whole machine is balanced. 360° air cooling circulation, stable and uniform temperaure.

6, high cooling efficiency. The whole machine adopts an integrated foaming box with good insulation effect. Supporting high-performance imported compressor, strong refrigeration.

7, It support Face payment camera + 10.1 inch LCD + Alipay high matching main control. Safe and convenient.

SNBC smart vending machines support payment methods include face recognition, QR code reading, cash payment, credit card payment and NFC etc.. With strong R&D capability, excellent quality and automated mass production capacity, SNBC has become the designated supplier of the world's top 500 and is one of the largest suppliers in the retail automation industry.

As a last-mile solution provider, the company focuses on smart locker especially parcel locker has gain a great reputation within the industry. 


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