The Maintainance of Smart Vending Machine
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The Maintainance of Smart Vending Machine

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The Maintainance of Smart Vending Machine

In order for the vending machine to always operate well, maintenance tasks are indispensable in the vending machine business process. So what is the reasonable time to maintain the vending machine and what needs to be done. Let's find out through this article!

When first installing a vending machine, you need to schedule a machine inspection after 1-2 weeks and keep that schedule for the first few months.

When the machine goes into stable operation, you can calculate the inventory quantity, sales rate and make sales predictions. From the data obtained, you will easily determine the ideal maintenance time for your machine.

For most machines, this will last about a month. Regular inspection of the machine not only helps your machine work well but customers will also be assured because the products in the machine are updated regularly, ensuring the safety of the expiry date.

Things need to be done when maintaining vending machines

Vending machines are usually located in public places and operate automatically 24/24 without staff supervision. That is why vending machine entrepreneurs needs to schedule regular weekly or monthly maintenance to check the machine's condition.

Things you need to do when maintaining the machine are:

1. Inspect and clean machinery from the outside to the indoor and outdoor units

2. Check all the machine parts, repair damage if any

3. Perform functional tests to make sure the machine is working properly

4. Replace the spare parts that need to be replaced

5. Statistics on the current number of vending machines

It is very rare that you discover problems with your machine by accident or suddenly. However, if this problem occurs and is beyond your ability to handle it, you must contact a machine technician to fix it. At that time, all the machine’s problems are checked and repaired carefully and quickly.

For some minor problems, you can fix them on the spot, simple as tightening or loosening bolts, wheels, or tightening screws on the machine. If any part is damaged or worn out, you need to have a plan to replace or buy a new spare part.

In order to prevent problems at the machine, you can leave your phone number on the machine, with a sign to let others know to contact you when there is any problem. This not only gives you more peace of mind with the machine's operation but also helps keep your machine away from people with negative connotations.

With the aim of making sure the machine has no damage and still working properly, you can try to buy a product at the machine and check if all the steps are happening smoothly or not. Make a note about anything out of the ordinary for prompt inspection and correction.

Cleaning the vending machine

After you have checked the technical aspects of the machine, you should perform the cleaning process. A machine that is clean, neat, and aesthetically will attract customers and keep a positive view of your tenant.

In order to be able to do that, you must always invest in machine cleaning. You just need to use glass spray or an all-purpose cleaner to remove dirt, stains, and sticky stains from the machine. For the thin and complicated internal parts, you do not need to waste time on regular cleaning, because the inside of the machine is sealed, avoiding dirt and bad external influences. Therefore, you can take advantage of repairs that require disassembling internal components to clean them.

Make sure that your vending machine is clean, shiny and all products are neatly arranged before you leave.

Machine safety

Safety is an important issue and top concern of every vending machine business. Instead of going there on exact date and time, try visiting the machine at a different time to check for any hazards. At the same time, the fact that you go on a fixed schedule and carry a large amount of money from the machine will attract the attention of some bad objects.

Along with that is the safety of the vending machine. Make sure your devices are protected by a good lock and that they are locked well after you leave.

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